Cybersecurity Checklist

In international e-commerce transactions, cybersecurity is an essential factor, because sensitive data such as financial and personal data are often transferred across borders. To ensure that your international e-commerce business has basic cyber-attack protection measures in place, you can use a tool that will give you a comprehensive overview of how well-protected your business is against cybercrime and perhaps identify gaps or vulnerabilities that can be addressed.

The tool can help you identify measures to secure your e-commerce site from data security threats such as securing your passwords, installing security plugins and anti-malware software, scheduling regular site updates, and more.

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Digital Storytelling

In this document you will find product sheets with the main features of six of the many digital storytelling software tools. The tables provide for some basic and practical information on the selected software tools, such as a concise description, pricing (all tools are available in a free version as well), pros and cons.

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International Development Self Assesment Tool

This support will allow you to understand a multicultural environment, to manage a multicultural team in an international context. This will allow you to optimize your management to improve your results. This will allow you to facilitate communication, organization, and integration of your team members. The aim is to improve and develop your international activity.

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Personal Branding

In an international context, it is important to establish basic social comfort and to master cultural codes.

This support will help you understand how to create lasting and successful business relationships. You will also learn how to present a positive image of the company, make people want to be partners and contribute to its success.

To understand an international environment, to adopt a behavior and a rewarding attitude in business relations abroad, to represent the company and its values are the indispensable keys to succeed internationally.

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Foreign exchange risk: what is it and mitigation techniques

In this document, you will find a presentation on Foreign Exchange Risk and mitigation techniques. Foreign Exchange Risk is a typical business risk faced by organizations that have commercial operations with foreign markets. While multinational organizations fall under this category, any organization that relies on foreign transactions to operate its business and maintain profitability and sustainability is exposed to foreign exchange risk. Fluctuations in major currencies on the financial market can lead to unfavourable exchange rates, negatively impacting an organization’s purchasing power.

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External Tools

Study on the role and involvement of women in the community-based industries related to IPR in ASEAN

In accordance with the Annual Work Plan 3-2020, ARISE+ IPR conducted a study on the position and participation of women in community-based IPR-related enterprises in the ASEAN. The content includes a discussion on women's interactions with the region's IP landscape, a comparative analysis of significant community-based and women-led enterprises, and a product showcase from pertinent industries.

The study intends to promote the advantages that IPR protection offers to community-based industries run by women and to enhance knowledge of the gender component of micro, small and medium-sized companies (MSMEs) and creative sectors. It also helps achieve many of the Sustainable Development Goals set forth by the United Nations Development Programme, including quality education, gender equality, decent employment opportunities and economic growth, business, innovation, and infrastructure, as well as sustainable cities and communities.

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SACE – Women in Export (Guideline)

Women in Export is the first Italian business community aimed at strengthening the female managerial skills of Italian companies through the development of technical-managerial skills in business leadership and internationalisation.

The programme is dedicated to women owners and/or top management figures of small and medium-sized Italian enterprises, business consultants, PA officials and women representatives of the association world who are involved in or interested in export and internationalisation.

SACE Education is promoting the initiative with the aim of generating a free all-female platform from which, once enrolled, it will be possible to access training events, live talks, strategic networking moments, one-to-one meetings and peer education opportunities.

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Hofstede’s Cultural Dimension Theory (best practice)

Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions Theory, developed by Geert Hofstede, is a framework used to understand the differences in culture across countries and to discern the ways that business is done across different cultures. In other words, the framework is used to distinguish between different national cultures, the dimensions of culture, and assess their impact on a business setting.

Hofstede identified six categories that define culture:

  1. Power Distance Index
  2. Collectivism vs. Individualism
  3. Uncertainty Avoidance Index
  4. Femininity vs. Masculinity
  5. Short-Term vs. Long-Term Orientation
  6. Restraint vs. Indulgence

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