The main objective of Mapping Export Dynamics, Challenges & Opportunities for female-run businesses is to dentify new competitiveness opportunities for female entrepreneurs in the fashion, food, handicraft and digital sectors, leveraging the global demand for these goods from a gender perspective. This type of analysis takes into account the main trends worldwide, highlighting real and concrete favourable circumstances that greatly enhance the empowerment of women entrepreneurs.

The E4F mapping & stock taking report outlines qualitative and quantitative data and information from an intuitive but very critical perspective: with the increasing competitiveness and saturation of local markets, local businesses are constantly looking for new markets and new customer pools; in the digital age, such opportunities are closer than they think and, with the help of some customised triggers, global internationalisation opportunities can be within their grasp in a matter of moments. PR2 provides an operational perspective to empower women's businesses to take advantage of the many opportunities that await local EU companies outside the EU borders.

Executive Summary of Findings and Results

Country Snapshots