The main objective of E4F is to support and revamp the potential of female SMEs and microenterprises to tap into extra-EU markets export. The project aims to build and reinforce the capacity, skills and competences of female enterprises to export to extra-EU markets by developing innovative training and capacity building programmes and tools that will ignite their export potential. The heterogeneous character of E4F consortium embodies in itself the entire essence of the project. The partnership gathers professional organisations from different geographical European regions, including ultraperipheral areas which are already part of the global market, with an extensive experience in female entrepreneurship, export promotion, vocational education and training, and digital development. Furthermore, most partners already represent the target group of women entrepreneurs and SMEs, including a strong participation of females within the working teams.

At project implementation, partners will carry out the following activities:

  • Develop and manage the content and adoption of the E4F multilingual OER Platform.
  • Take stock of the Export Dynamics, Challenges & Opportunities for female enterprises in extra-EU markets.
  • Develop the E4F Training in multiple language versions to promote adoption and use.
  • Deploy and substantiate the E4F training with 120 representatives of the target groups.
  • Produce the Public Policy report on the relevance of female SMEs’ internalisation and promotion of E4F Training