E4F Toolkit responds to the needs identified in the proposal, encompassing the need to exploit and valorise perceived strategic opportunities.

The toolkit will include

  • Training contents are easy to use, based on short microtraining fiches and custom-made based on their expressed needs
  • Set of good practices and case studies
  • Guidelines

At the end of each course, there is a session to verify the competences acquired through series of multiple choice tests, users will receive a Certificate of completion of the path generated automatically by the OER Platform specifying the skills acquired and the EQF level of the completed path.

The training will possibly be arranged in 4 main topics declined in 10 modules

  • Strategies for Internationalisation

    • Market Research/market analysis
    • Risk Analysis
    • Business Plan for Internationalisation
    • Customs, International IPR, legal aspects
  • E-commerce, international and digital marketing

    • International digital marketing: strategies and tools
    • Business models in International digital marketing
  • Social selling

    • Branding and Personal branding
    • Digital Story Telling
  • Sociologic and cultural aspects of Extra EU Export

    • Cross cultural management
    • Business etiquette in an international environment