SME International Development Self-Assessment

1. What is the state of progress of my project / my situation

2. What is my international development project

3. In which context I undertake my international approach

4. Have I conducted a preliminary market study

5. How I plan my international development

6. How do I organize my international action?

7. How do I limit the risk of my international diversification?

8. How do I finance my export activities?

It is therefore necessary to evaluate one's self-financing capacity, prepare a file and a pitch with a business model and business plan for bankers and other financial partners.

Financial partners can be private investors and also suppliers or business partners who will benefit from this increase in activity and international presence.

It is necessary to prepare different simulations depending on the success of the search for funds.

Mutualize my actions, allows to reduce considerably the costs.

9. How do I anticipate the impact of my export approach on the management of my company ?

Going international requires a financial and time investment. You have to face the consequences on your daily activity according to the time dedicated to export.

- What activities will I be able to carry out remotely?

- What daily activities will I have to delegate?

- Which collaborators or partners will also be impacted by this international effort?

- How can I help them prepare?

10. Success - the indicators

Within a reasonable period of time and compatible with your financial means and expectations, you must validate the results of your international export actions.

- What are the results compared to the forecasts?

- Should I concentrate on the countries that are most responsive to my action? /

- What are the development prospects? Should I continue my development towards other countries?

- How can I finance them?

- Should I review my marketing and distribution model? /

- Should I keep my current organization and structure? /

- Should I bring in new partners? /

- What "product" or "service" policy? Standardized offers, or on the contrary customized to meet the expectations of certain markets?