Business Etiquette in an International environment


This training module aims at explaining what Business Etiquette in an international environment is. 

It means to provide basic social comfort and creating an environment where others feel comfortable and secure, this is possible through better communication.
Some key success factors are country watch, meet representatives, considering the uses.
Attitude and visibility are important behavior, dress code, show case of the company, considering the customs.
The netiquette is essential in the international business etiquette, so we must keep this in mind.
Business etiquette is also a daily challenge.

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Introduction Click to read

Business etiquette in an international environment is about building relationships with other people. Etiquette is not about rules & regulations but is about providing basic social comfort and creating an environment where others feel comfortable and secure, this is possible through better communication
        It is a matter of developing an international relationship of trust with the other by avoiding any misunderstanding.


Objectives Click to read

Business etiquette aims at facilitating between the representatives of a company and the international actors:
Establishing a basic social comfort  
Mastery of cultural codes  
Creating long-lasting and fruitful business relationships for all parties  
It is necessary to communicate clearly and precisely. The interlocutors must feel respected and appreciated


Goal Click to read


Content It is important to understand the codes specific to each country. This gives a good image of the company and facilitates international business.

Create a relationship of trust, convey a positive image of the company and make people want to be partners and contribute to success. 
Summing up Click to read

Summing up

Business Etiquette in an international environment.
Have an appropriate behavior to develop the company's business internationally


Optimizing financial and human results, transmitting the company's values abroad

Learn and discover

Country watch Click to read

- Take the time to collect information about the target country or countries and their uses.

- Be informed about the historical, geopolitical and economic context of the countries concerned 

- It is important to do some research on customs and business conduct. Know who to contact and how to contact them so as not to offend anyone.
        Being informed, understanding customs and habits avoids offenses and misunderstandings laying the foundation for a fruitful relationship.
Meet with representatives Click to read

- Find out who you are talking to, what their real function or role is.

- Know her/his power and her/his ability to decide beyond your title. Conversely, discreet interlocutors can be essential decision-makers.

- An error of judgment can be fatal for the development of the company, hence the interest of being well advised and having reliable references.
        It is essential to have the right information beforehand to address the right people with the right strategy.
Considering the uses Click to read

- To understand a country, its functioning, to go on reconnaissance on the spot.

- This first observation allows to better understand how people communicate. How to address people, according to their rank or caste, to enter their sphere of interest and inspire respect.

- It is about discovering the business world and how it works. Is the market open to foreign companies? Is it necessary to consider a local partner? What are the regulations to respect?
        A good market study and a trip to the field promote a good perception of the company and increase its chances of success..
Summing up Click to read

Summing up
Country watch 
Gathering information and finding out about the current situation in the country will avoid many mistakes.
  Meet with representatives
Knowing who you are talking to and respecting the protocol is essential to be accepted and to consider doing business.
  Going to the field
Going on site allows you to verify vital information, purchasing power, consumption habits and other factors.
Attitude and visibility

Dress code - behavior Click to read

- The keys for making a good impression are dressing appropriately and your body language

- Between comfort, professionalism and courtesy, there is a delicate balance that differs from country to country, 

- It is important to find out the dress code of the country, the company and the type of event, which is a sign of respect to your interlocutors.

        To be accepted and appreciated, it is necessary to respect the dress code and to behave according to expectations.
Represent the company and its values Click to read

- The company representative plays an important role in the image of the company and its employees. You must remain polite and measured in your exchanges, using a few words of the local language is always well received. Avoid value judgments and be discreet about the information exchanged. 

- You should take the time to explain what makes the company strong and announce its values: honesty, curiosity, capacity to commit, trust and transparency.

- You are the ambassador of your company, your behavior is scrutinized: your punctuality, your appearance, your attitude are all reassuring signs for your interlocutors.

        To make a successful entrance, you must make a good impression and behave well in all circumstances.
Considering the customs Click to read

- After discovering the country and its customs, it is essential to prepare your business meetings. You must write memo cards with the most important elements.

- As a woman entrepreneur, you must be even more vigilant. It is advisable to adopt a dress code and an attitude as neutral as possible. In some countries, think about covering your hair, wearing pants and long-sleeved clothes.

- It’s better to know the name, to focus on the face, switch off your smartphone

        The first impression is often the one that remains in the memory of your interlocutor, be careful to put all the assets on your side.
Summing up Click to read

Summing up
Dress code - Behavior 
Dress code and good behavior are key success factors.
  Represent the company and its values
You must be an impeccable showcase for your company
  Considering the customs
The success of a business relationship depends on the understanding of customs and the preparation of meetings.
Some tips

As big as the world Click to read

- Business etiquette differs from region to region and from country to country. 

- This creates a complex situation for people as it is hard to balance the focus on both international business etiquette and other business activities at the same time.

 - Therefore, a wise step is to focus on some key pillars of business etiquette. 
        People, cultures, corporate cultures are all facets of the Business Etiquette.
A subtle alchemy Click to read

- First and foremost, you have to maintain an impeccable standard image for your company.

-To be authentic is a value that reassures her/his interlocutor.

-Being able to integrate allows you to adopt the codes of the foreign country without giving up your own culture.
It is about establishing a mutual understanding and a relationship of trust. 

        One does not appropriate the uses of the other without his consent.
Perception Click to read

- It is important to adapt to each case. There is no single recipe, the ingredients must be adjusted for a winning situation.

-The behavior of representatives of other foreign companies already established can be a model.

- Knowing how to perceive and feel the ambient atmosphere and vibrations are factors that should not be neglected.
        To have the intuition of the right action at the right time to close a deal.
Summing up Click to read

Summing up
As big as the world 
So many business etiquettes so many worlds to understand
  A subtle alchemy
remain oneself and integrate the culture of the other.
Feel the good timing to take the lead.

Definition Click to read

- Netiquette represents the importance of proper manners and behavior online. In general, netiquette is the set of professional and social etiquettes practiced and advocated in electronic communication over any computer network. Common guidelines include being courteous and precise, and avoiding cyber-bullying. Netiquette also dictates that users should obey copyright laws and avoid overusing emoticons.

- Netiquette is a short form of network etiquette or Internet etiquette.

-The netiquette is essential in the international business etiquette

        The rise of the Internet and social networks brings netiquette to the forefront on a global scale.
Controlling and managing your Internet presence Click to read

- You can exist on the Internet without knowing it.
It is necessary to check what information and data is available about you.

- It is necessary to be vigilant in the use of social networks and of what is posted, words, photos, comments, etc.

- On the Internet everything can be distorted or taken out of context and cause significant harm. 
        You must monitor and control your e-reputation.
How to manage your image Click to read

Social media communication platforms (i.e. Facebook, Linkedin) are evolving rapidly day by day, as the concept of social media etiquette becomes a crucial part of business.

- Stick to the rules of conduct online that you follow in real life When communicating online, remember the rules of etiquette that you follow in your everyday life.

- Present your best side online Make sure that you show your best side online. Remain friendly and respectful, even if you disagree. Good netiquette is characterized by respect, politeness and professionalism.

- Read first, then ask, Pay attention to grammar and punctuation, always remember to use the appropriate salutation and parting formula as well

        Respect the privacy, the time and availability of others.
Summing up Click to read

Summing up
The extension of the Business Etiquette on the Internet
  Controlling and managing your Internet presence
Internet offers the best and the worst of society, it is necessary to preserve its image
  How to manage your image
Be on your best behavior as in real life
Good practices

The Business Etiquette challenge Click to read

- The main objective is to be understood, appreciated by all and to be able to do business in all circumstances. 

- You have to look at successful companies and challenge yourself. 

- The goal is reached when the interlocutor rephrases the proposed concepts and agrees to engage.


        The interlocutor must appropriate the values and concepts of your company and commit himself.
Means and methods Click to read

- The means and methods to be put in place are decisive in order to manage the communication and promote successfully the company, abroad.

- The first step is to work remotely, with Internet tools, such as Linkedin, emails, eventbrite for online events, online ads. The communication is different for each of these media.

- The second step is to establish a phone contact or video conference to better understand the needs and establish a relationship.

- It is important to be able to measure the performance of your presentation and arguments. Online surveys and polls can be used. The feedback can be used to adjust or improve the presentation and the way of communicating. 


        Sending a message does not mean being understood. It is important to make sure that the other person is at the same level of understanding.
The woman attitude Click to read

Globalization allows most countries to accept the role of women in business.

Digitalization facilitates the work of women at a distance and the approach of international clients.

Women, with their intuition and their way of working, bring new productive rules to the business world. With them, a wind of modernity and innovation blows on a world traditionally reserved to men.

New perspectives are opening up for companies run by women.


        Training and education for women enhance their skills, are passports to international success and increase equality of opportunity.
Summing up Click to read

Summing up
The Business Etiquette challenge 
Knowing how to sell your company and evaluating your competition are major assets
  Means and methods
Means, methods, qualitative and quantitative objectives are necessary to evaluate your performance.
  The woman attitude
The world is changing and offering real opportunities for women to succeed in business.
They bring hope for a better world.

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Objectives / Goals:

In an international context establishing a basic social comfort, Mastery of cultural codes / Creating a long-lasting and fruitful business relationships/ Convey a positive image of the company and make people want to be partners and contribute to success/ Understand an international environment/ Behavior and attitude in business relationship abroad/ Represent company and its values.